What is WkCMake

An easy-to-use portable C++ Build Framework. It s possible to make your cross-platform C++ building life much easier, just by making few simple and sensible assumptions such as :

  • The project hierarchy is similar in all projects
  • The code structure is similar on all platforms
  • You will build your different libraies before including them in other projects
  • You want to test and document your code without bothering about all the side tools you need
  • you want your sources to be added where needed, automatically whenever it s possible.
  • you want your dependencies to be added where needed, automatically whenever it s possible.

What does it do?

WkCMake gives you a few very useful features and make your life easier by :

  • Making your project start easier,
  • Greatly simplifying your build scripts,
  • Simple test builds and run ( CppUnit to come )
  • Automatic Source Code formatting with astyle
  • Automatic Documentation generation with doxygen
  • Automatic dependency detection and propagation
  • Automatically detecting memory leaks ( Dr.Memory to come )
  • Simplifying profiler builds and usage ( to come )
  • Simplifying installer routines ( to come )
  • Simpler multi-platform packaging ( to come )

How is it made?

WkCMake heavily depends on CMake, and a few other optional tools such as doxygen, astyle, etc. It s a set of CMake scripts you need to include in your CMakeLists.txt to make your cmake build scripts even easier. A non exhaustive list of scripts :

  • WkCMake : Main script, you need to include it and call WkCMakeDir() to define where your WkCMake distribution is located. Everything you need for basic builds will be automatically included and configured
  • WkBuild : Script containing building macros ( and dependency inclusion for compilation )
  • WkLink : Script containint linking macros ( and dependency inclusion for linkage )
  • Even more stuff

Great - Where should I start ?

WkCMake is very easy to start with, just have a look at ours tutorials and start a new simple projects.

Simple Tutorial

What you Need to know and use for a quick start: Simple Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial

A full and complete tutorial that covers almost everything you can use Advanced Tutorial

You can also have a look at our tests projects and the reference documentation to have a closer look at how it s actually done under the hood


Complete scripts reference

After you grasp how it all works together, feel free to add recipes to our cookbook.

If you want to participate in any way - we especially need lots of testers on a wide set of platforms, and people keen to integrate new useful tools in the build process - feel free to have a look at the project on GitHub.

AlexV asmodehn